Law company “Intellect and Law” for more than 10 years has been helping to attract investment to the Kyrgyz Republic and providing their security.

We are pleased that our work in consulting, tax planning, building management systems, setting up and maintenance of companies, assistance in obtaining licenses and permits, participation in tenders and representation in government bodies and the courts over the years has helped many companies and individuals to establish and develop their business in Kyrgyzstan.

Over the past 5 years, the inflow of foreign direct investment in the country amounted to more than $ 4.5 billion US dollars.

The country has a fairly liberal tax system. Income tax is only 10%, and the value-added tax is 12%. At the same time, all income earned by foreign investors from doing business in the Kyrgyz Republic may be freely taken out of the country. There is allowed free circulation of foreign currencies such as US dollar, EURO, tenge, Russian ruble, Chinese yuan, and others.

Relatively inexpensive labor force, cheap energy, good infrastructure, proximity to China, Kazakhstan and proximity to Russia make our country attractive for business development.

By the end of 2018 the GDP growth has reached 3.5 percent. The total volume of gross domestic product is 557,1 billion soms

        The entry of the Kyrgyz Republic in the common economic space of Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus and Armenia in 2014, make investments and business development in the Kyrgyz Republic а very promising and lucrative.


Constitutional Chamber of the Supreme Court admited the constitutionality of computing time limits for License Holding Payments since the issuance of the license,
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Director of Law Company K.G. Milaschenko as an independent expert became a member of the Advisory Council on the reform of the subsoil use,
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Director of Law Company K.G. Milaschenko, was awarded with the Certificate of Merit for his contribution to the work of the Ministry of Economy of the Kyrgyz Republic,
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